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Help and FAQ




What are your lenses made of?

Almost all lenses are made of plastic composites, while a very select few specialised ones are made of glass.



Don't the plastic lenses scratch at all?

We use specially strengthened plastics to greatly reduce the chances of scratching occurring; you can reinforce the lenses further with a special coat for a minor additional cost.



Do you sell prescription sunglasses and other tinted lenses?

Yes! We have a large selection of the most popular and fashionable sunglasses on the market, most of which can have prescription lenses fitted. If none of them take your fancy we can put tints onto any of the glasses on offer.



What about lens coatings and tints do you sell them?

Yes we have a selection of coatings to further enhance your purchase, as well as a large selection of tints for any taste!



Do you sell bifocal lenses?

Yes we sell bifocal lenses.



What's the segment shape of bifocal lenses?

We stock D Segment and circle segments both 28mm and 25mm and 38mm and 24mm respectively.



Do you sell varifocal/progressive lenses?

No, since varifocals require very precise measurements we currently do not offer them as this will infringe on our guarantee of quality. We are however working on a system to accurately give the measurements, but will only release it when we can guarantee the results.



Do you supply any type of sun-reactive lenses?

Yes we supply sun-reactive lenses as well as many other types.


Can you re-glaze my existing frame?

Not at the moment, while we could say that the cost to re-glaze would be similar to ordering a new pair from us. We would advise that you go to your local optician if you really want to keep your old frame.



Do you sell designer glasses?

Yes and due to our lower overheads we can even offer them at greatly reduced prices. We sell many types of designer frames; these are all listed in the designer menu of the shopping cart or here for further information.




What would I need before ordering from you?

A valid and up to date prescription.




How do I get a prescription?

You need to have your eyes tested by a qualified Optician, who is then legally obliged to give you your prescription; you do NOT have to buy your glasses from him or her!




How can you charge such low prices?

As we are an internet based business our overheads are greatly reduced as we do not have to pay for expensive shop leases and other overheads. We prefer to provide an excellent service at a reasonable price!




Can I just order frames, and lenses with no prescription in them?

Yes just select the Plano option in the prescription forms when ordering the frames!


What if my frames need adjustment after I receive them?

This is an important step so please look at the self-dispensing section in the how to menu here, which gives you hands on experience on how to fit yourself, if you are unhappy with the results or if you want a professional service you can visit an optician who will most likely charge you a small fitting fee.


Can I exchange my glasses for a higher-priced pair?

Yes you can if you decide to change your order you have until you receive the glazing email notice, to upgrade; at which point your bespoke item is already being produced and you will not be able to do so.




Can I use my contact lenses prescription for ordering from you?

Unfortunately no, contact lens prescriptions are specific to a certain make of lens and while most of the details are the same we cannot allow the chance of error to encroach on our service to our customers.





I have ordered 2 pairs of glasses off the site but have only received 1 pair?

That is correct; our aim is to send your frames to you as soon as possible so each frame is made and processed then posted individually.


How do I check on the progress of my order/glasses?

If you wish to find out the progress of your order please login to your account and track any active order here.


How long will my glasses take?

We have a guaranteed maximum turnaround time of 28 days before postage, however this is worst case scenario and most are glazed in only a few days. Not only that but if we go over that time period you will be refunded and receive the item free, regardless of cost to us!




What about refunds for delivery?

Yes if we go over our maximum time all charges will be refunded.




What are the postage and packaging costs?

Posting and packaging costs are automatically calculated based on each pair of glasses and their value as each is sent individually! Don't worry your frames will come safe and secure via the best possible means available - usually tracked, recorded and signed for; or internationally signed for so no 'lost mail' regardless of if you are in France or Afghanistan!




Do you take international orders or ship outside the UK?

Yes we take orders and ship worldwide, but for your safety we will always only ship to your billing address of your payment method.



What is my pupillary distance (PD), and how do I find out what it is?

Your pupillary distance (PD) is the distance in millimetres (mm) between each of your pupils, it can be accurately self-measured in the mirror or by a friend with a simple ruler, a more extensive guide can be found here. Using it in your prescription can greatly reduce the margin of errors occurring when the frame is glazed!


I can't make out what's written on my prescription

If this happens you should request your optician to give you a clearly written out prescription after paying for an eye test, he is legally obliged to do this!




How strong a prescription can you cater for?

The stronger the prescription the smaller the margin of error is allowed when making your spectacles and accurately dispensing them. We cater for powers of +/- 4.00 SPH and +/-4.00 CYL. And while we would like to do more, we cannot guarantee our usual quality. Not only that but we have your best interests at heart  and it would be unprofessional not to recommend that you see your Optician for a more complex prescription.






How can I pay you?

We accept all major cards! Allowing you to pay for your goods with ease and in way you are most comfortable!




Is the payment page secure?

Yes. We are using industry leading encryption and security to process your payments, not only that but additional security is available by 3D-Secure the international online banking protection which is a guaranteed safe transactions by your bank., If you would like to register when paying or are already a member, you can be safe in the knowledge your security is well taken care of!


What’s your refund policy?

Since we are selling bespoke items, the usual returns and cancellation policies are covered under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 here. However to further put your mind at rest above and beyond the protection given in the Consumer Rights Act 2015 we want to extend the offer of a refund up to the point that we contact you by email to notify you that glazing has started!


What are your guarantees?

We guarantee to have your Glasses glazed and posted within 28 days of purchase internationally ... but usually a lot quicker, not only will we offer you 100% money back guarantee on this, we will even provide you with a refund and give you the frames completely free!



Who checks my order to make sure I haven’t entered anything that is incorrect?

On the website as you may notice there are automatic checks, queries and information buttons in place to guide you to successfully complete your orders and record your info correctly. Orders are then checked for inconsistencies by qualified opticians.

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